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ponedjeljak, 12. listopada 2015.

Tips for studying! (How to)

Of course I am not an expert, but I have been there so many times so I suppose I have learned something out of it.

The 1st tip I have is MOTIVATION:
Ask yourself why are you doing this, what will lead after an 'A'... (my answers: to make my future brighter, after an 'A' there will be another one and another one, and I will get in a really good university -and I will be able to choose in whatever uni I want to go- and hopefully I will eventually get a job that I love and make sufficient amount of money I'll need or even more, and I will be forever proud of my accomplishments).
You should always remember those things when your struggling.

The 2nd tip is to GET COMFORTABLE or NOT:
Try to get all comfy and warm (in bed or sofa or something like that) and try to learn for a half an hour. When you're done put your shoes on (not joking) and sit on your table (in your room or if it is too distracting in your dinning room), put your notes in front of you and all the pens you need and a glass of water or something and try and learn for a half an hour.
When you are done, compare the amount of learned. This way you will see which way is the best for you. (for me the second option works the best)
So now you know where to study!

The 3rd tip is to SET A TIME:
Set a certain time in a day for studying, and follow it. And that is it. It will be hard for the first week of two but once you have got the routine you will learn way easier. (hope so)

These were my studying tips which work for me really well and I hope they will work for you just as well. They maybe won't work for everyone but if you have something else please feel free to share it in a comment section!

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