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utorak, 20. listopada 2015.

How to organize your time (+printable weekly planner)

Organizing your student days is one of the most important factors of good grades. I used to always suck at planning my day, week or month, but with years I found some tricks that helped me.

-Firstly decide what subjects are you going to study that day and general things you have to do in a day. Write them down.
-Write exactly what you have to do about that subject/thing in a day (for example: history-read page 26-78, write a few short lines about it + do a revision of 1st lesson)
 -Choose a few of the lines as a priority.
-Start adding the time to every line (starting time and the time you will end) . Be realistic and dedicate a right amount of time to priority lines.

-Add time to other lines to

When you have wrote the certain time stick to it. Do not overload your day, as I said be realistic.

Here is a weekly planner I made for printing, so if you would like to use it just click below.


 I hope this was helpful!
Have a lovely day! :*

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