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nedjelja, 25. listopada 2015.

Newly discovered store 'BUTLERS'

The other day I went to Zagreb for British uni consultation with my friend. We had some free time so is there any better way of spending it than shopping. No! As per usual there was no Christmas stuff in stores yet. So after a while (2 hours or so) I saw one cute little shop with a window full of Christmas goodies. I just HAD TO come in! It was haven!! My friend was like 'Common get out, I'm tired!' (so was I) but all of that redness gave me some sort of a special energy. It was so small and cozy..until we discovered the stairs (lol). Three floors full of perfection. 

 On every wall there was at least a quote or two, music was so calming and relaxing (the most original kind of music I've heard in a while) the only thing that was missing was a glass of wine or a cup of hot cocoa. Even my friend felt in love with this place.

 It may look as an ordinary shop but you have to come in if you find yourself in Ilica 21 in Zagreb. They have shops all over Europe: Spain, France, UK, Greece, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Ukraine and more.

We were rushing through the city the whole time but once we've came in we had a feel like time slowed up a lot. If you need some house decor or furniture I definitely recommend this place!


 Have a lovely day! :*

utorak, 20. listopada 2015.

How to organize your time (+printable weekly planner)

Organizing your student days is one of the most important factors of good grades. I used to always suck at planning my day, week or month, but with years I found some tricks that helped me.

-Firstly decide what subjects are you going to study that day and general things you have to do in a day. Write them down.
-Write exactly what you have to do about that subject/thing in a day (for example: history-read page 26-78, write a few short lines about it + do a revision of 1st lesson)
 -Choose a few of the lines as a priority.
-Start adding the time to every line (starting time and the time you will end) . Be realistic and dedicate a right amount of time to priority lines.

-Add time to other lines to

When you have wrote the certain time stick to it. Do not overload your day, as I said be realistic.

Here is a weekly planner I made for printing, so if you would like to use it just click below.


 I hope this was helpful!
Have a lovely day! :*

srijeda, 14. listopada 2015.

Youtubers/bloggers I love (My free time)

Just the other day I was looking for some new bloggers or youtubers to follow and get inspiration from (and kill the boredom).  So I thought I could write about my favorite ones to help you if you are looking for some new people.

These are my top TOP favorite ones:

 -where is she from?
London but half the time she is at university in Edinburgh
-how old is she?

She is like my favorite person ever!! I love her personality, style, eye for details..She is doing a vlogtober at the moment so go and check her vlog channel also if you are interested (I'm obsessed!!).
Main channel
Vlog channel

 -where is she from?
Her style is AMAZING! Black and white is everything. I especially love her monthly favorites. You should definitely check her out you don't know her yet.

 -where is she from?
-how old is she?
She is so gorgeous! She is living on her own, has a boyfriend, has a dream job... GOALS!
She seems so down to earth and kind.
Check her out as well!

-where are they from?

They do mainly fashion and they are just the best! Love them because of they different, but in the same time, similar personality and style.
Julia's Instagram (left)
Maya's Instagram (right)

Have a lovely day! :*

ponedjeljak, 12. listopada 2015.

Tips for studying! (How to)

Of course I am not an expert, but I have been there so many times so I suppose I have learned something out of it.

The 1st tip I have is MOTIVATION:
Ask yourself why are you doing this, what will lead after an 'A'... (my answers: to make my future brighter, after an 'A' there will be another one and another one, and I will get in a really good university -and I will be able to choose in whatever uni I want to go- and hopefully I will eventually get a job that I love and make sufficient amount of money I'll need or even more, and I will be forever proud of my accomplishments).
You should always remember those things when your struggling.

The 2nd tip is to GET COMFORTABLE or NOT:
Try to get all comfy and warm (in bed or sofa or something like that) and try to learn for a half an hour. When you're done put your shoes on (not joking) and sit on your table (in your room or if it is too distracting in your dinning room), put your notes in front of you and all the pens you need and a glass of water or something and try and learn for a half an hour.
When you are done, compare the amount of learned. This way you will see which way is the best for you. (for me the second option works the best)
So now you know where to study!

The 3rd tip is to SET A TIME:
Set a certain time in a day for studying, and follow it. And that is it. It will be hard for the first week of two but once you have got the routine you will learn way easier. (hope so)

These were my studying tips which work for me really well and I hope they will work for you just as well. They maybe won't work for everyone but if you have something else please feel free to share it in a comment section!


Firstly I'll say just a few words about myself.
I'm a teenage girl living in Europe (age 17). My passion is make-up, beauty and fashion (just a random teenage girl). Right now school is my main priority so this blog is going to be mainly about studying and organizing, in hope that it will make me even more motivated and lead to ability of balancing school and ''hobbies'' (such as gym etc.) . There will be some make-up and beauty faves here and there, but not to much.
I probably won't reveal myself any time soon.. :)
And please keep in mind that English is my second language (in case of some mistakes). ;)
Have a lovely day! :*

Contact me (for any questions also!):