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četvrtak, 7. siječnja 2016.

My beauty routine (morning and night)

Since holidays have started I have so much time to spend on myself. With that in mind I decided to change up a little bit my morning and night routine (it is still pretty simple). As I wake up I usually spend a few minutes on my phone while I'm still in bed. Then I go to the bathroom and wash up my face. For the past few weeks I have been using Clarins wake-up booster. I just put around 4 or 5 drops on my hand and apply it with circular motions.

I wait a around 10 seconds to dry and apply Collistar hydro-gel cream also with circular motions. Does it do anything to my face I still don't know, it is in a testing phase. But I have to say that a cream is the best one I have tried. It has like a layer that stays all day on my skin and I can feel it, and hydrates my face. So I would definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn't find jet a perfect hydrating day or night cream.

I apply it every morning and evening but in the evenings I use it after Nuxe toning lotion which cleans my skin perfectly!

Have a nice day!

utorak, 5. siječnja 2016.

New Year resolutions

New year just started so it is time for a change. I usually never do New years resolutions but this year I decided to take a leap. I've seen a lot od people talking about it as it is not really going to happen. I find that so demotivating so I am going to share my resolutions with you to maybe make you see that it is possible to stick with them if we are willing to. I'm thinking of giving you upadates every once in a while, maybe some tips how to approach them or so. So let's continue with my resolutions!

- work out more (I already signed it to a gym)
- half an hour a day to spend on myself (spa night, blog time, etc.)
- study frequently (every day in the same time)
- drink more water
- eat healthier (not 100% healthy, just healthier)