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četvrtak, 7. siječnja 2016.

My beauty routine (morning and night)

Since holidays have started I have so much time to spend on myself. With that in mind I decided to change up a little bit my morning and night routine (it is still pretty simple). As I wake up I usually spend a few minutes on my phone while I'm still in bed. Then I go to the bathroom and wash up my face. For the past few weeks I have been using Clarins wake-up booster. I just put around 4 or 5 drops on my hand and apply it with circular motions.

I wait a around 10 seconds to dry and apply Collistar hydro-gel cream also with circular motions. Does it do anything to my face I still don't know, it is in a testing phase. But I have to say that a cream is the best one I have tried. It has like a layer that stays all day on my skin and I can feel it, and hydrates my face. So I would definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn't find jet a perfect hydrating day or night cream.

I apply it every morning and evening but in the evenings I use it after Nuxe toning lotion which cleans my skin perfectly!

Have a nice day!

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